Virtual representatives

In the Betkart representation system, those who are interested in how to operate in cyberspace and online, are called virtual representatives.

By receiving the admin panel, these representatives are able to create links, receive banners and other necessary tools for online activities.

Virtual Representative Registration
Virtual Representative Login

True representatives

The real representatives are those who generally do their work in person and invite people to the Betkart site and make a profit. In this method, all the necessary permissions for managing people, such as registration, recharging, withdrawal, etc., are provided to the representative.

By receiving the management panel, these representatives will be able to manage their subordinates

Registration of a real representative
The arrival of the real representative

Why Betkart Representation System?

Betkart site with years of experience in the field of sports betting and casino and casino has prepared the most professional conditions in Iran to generate revenue for its users. All activists in the field of advertising in cyberspace, websites, etc. can start earning money through the Betkart agency system and receive a weekly profit of 30%.

The fastest harvesting system

Betkart site has made the conditions of cooperation with the representatives very easy by providing the most complete and fastest withdrawal system in Iran. In this way, agents can send their withdrawal request or their users from any of the methods of sending directly to the bank account, vouchermani, Perfect Money, webmani and currency password

Deposit by card to card

Betcart, having the safest and fastest deposit system in Iran, offers very special conditions for agents And has provided its users. Deposits via bank cards, vouchers, Perfect Money, web hosting and cryptocurrencies are ways you can top up your account or that of your users at the fastest possible time and at the best possible rate.

Exclusive support for agents

Betkart site is always trying to provide its users with the strongest support system. In Betkart representation system, all representatives can be in touch with their dedicated support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Product range

Betkart is a provider of the highest quality casino and sports products in Iran. These products include: Evolution Casino, NetNet, Izogi, Blast, Virtual and Electronic Sports, Special Casino Tournaments and many more.

Profits of representatives in betkart

The Betkart representative system has the highest weekly interest rate for its representatives. Profits from the activities of all delegates are calculated each week and sent to the delegates. Delegates can view their profits on a daily basis in their panel